Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at my home in Hingham, MA. They start promptly at 6:30, and usually end around 9. The recommended contribution to the cost of food is $85 per person per class. The maximum people per class is 12, although there is a thirteenth seat, which we lovingly refer to as the ‘time out’ seat, as it sits a little lower than the others. The thirteenth seat is offered at a greatly reduced contribution.

What to Expect

JinnieThese classes are informal, and for the most part, hands-off. You will sit at the counter, with a recipe booklet to take notes on, and observe. I like to think of the classes as a relaxing night out, but a night that leaves you feeling emboldened to go home and cook! Questions are encouraged, as there are NO stupid questions here at LSCS.

We typically get through 5-6 recipes, that are served as 4 courses. Come hungry, as the class serves as a complete meal. I work hard to keep each menu accessible. When I say accessible, I mean I try to keep ingredient lists to things you can buy locally, I only use equipment you are likely to have at home*, and am realistic about the amount of time anyone is going to spend on dinner.

We choose interesting wines for you to try to compliment each course, though depending on the theme of the class I may offer a cocktail or a craft beer as well. All beverages in class are on the house!

*OK, often I encourage people to go to Homegoods and buy gadgets….but only ones I know you will really use.